mangoes 4 millions

Venezuela is going through a health , economic, social, political and migration crisis. Our health systems are completely desintegrated. We are in deep deep deep hyperinflation with no road to recovery anytime soon.
We have a disrupted social climate.
Our political systems are shattered...
and as a result, we have over 5 million Venezuelans who have fled the country.

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WHY THE MANGO?????????    

to better explain the mango, I wrote a letter 4 u

Hey dude,
Wanted to talk about mango fallin’
You know, that I end up talking a lot about mangoes. I’ts become some sort of euphemism, for me, of Venezuela. You may ask... how is a fruit similar to a country??? Well apart from it being bright and delicious it doesn’t seem to have anything in common. I was talking last night with María (remember my friend? we’ve known each other since our mothers went to high school together) and we were saying how mango season is a time of collapse and how we are all so greatly affected, happy and traumatized by mangoes. You see... all around Caracas there are thousands of mango trees. Everyone has mango trees in ther houses (yes, I do realize how this can be a slight exageration, but you get the gist).

This might be better explained by the fact that in Venezuela, when you plant a mango tree (or any tree actually) it doesn’t give you 3 mangoes, it fucking rains mangoes and any other fruit/seed you plant. Our soil makes ridiculously abundant crops. Why don’t we produce and export? Ask Chávez, Maduro and their brilliant plan to have us in a shit hole.But --let’s try and not get political, I was talking about the mangoes.

I want to paint a picture of what it means to have mango rain. During mango season it all starts beautifully, you eat mango all the time, it’s fantastic. Mango juice, mango chutney, mango deserts, etc. It’s awesome and amazing when it’s just starting. Later, when the trees have so many mangoes that most of them fall, are wasted and all you do is smell rotten mangoes around the city... it really isn’t that nice of a picture. In fact, María was telling me that in her school, there were so many mango trees that during mango season all the girls would be dirty from the mangoes. The fallen mangoes would make all of the girls traumatized and jeopardizing their education (tiny bit of an over-dramatization). Additionally, having to get rid of all the fucking mangoes is a full time job. From picking the good ones in the various states of maturity in order to cook multiple dishes to picking-up the fallen ones before they rot completely. Rotten mangoes make smelly mangoes. Smelly mangoes bring flies and birds. For the sacks of good mangoes, the infinite amount of recipes are absurd, it seems to be a competition between different mango chutneys, mango deserts and so forth.

Everyone gifts their mango-productions and the collection of mango-products (both self-made and given) pile up in the cupboards with few people actually wanting to eat more mangoes. The streets filled with rotten mangoes used to be a problem for the city to pick-up, however it is no longer the case. You see, with how things are in Venezuela, free food cannot be wasted. Mangoes are now the only food of many. Mangoes are no longer trash, in whichever state they are in, they serve as a meal for the people who no longer have enough to pay for food. We now see Venezuelans in the streets picking-up the fallen mangoes or knocking down fruits from the trees. I have (and many others) this theory that if everything is given to you easily, you don’t really work for it, then you don’t appreciate what you have. I believe (and many others I’ve talked to --this  just being informal conversation) this is something that happened to my country. You see we are like the lucky teenager that out-of-nowhere suddenly became a millionaire. A young country that realized it was massively rich in natural resources. We relatively managed but did not know how to actually handle everything we have, therefore we eventually collapsed and became the broke drug-addict in dire need of rehab. We are the beautiful mango that easily grew, fell (made some fucking amazing chutney) and was then left to rot.